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West Bend 58030 12 30 Automatic Percolator Review

West Bend 58030 12-30 Automatic Percolator Coffee makerI. Product Description

When a small coffee percolator is not enough to serve 20 to 30 people, it is better to purchase something that can brew a larger amount of coffee at a time with the same features and benefits of a home style coffee percolator.

West Bend always comes up with large scale kitchen appliances to cater not only to families but also to small and budding companies and other instances where a larger amount of coffee will be needed. The West Bend 58030 Party Perk is a model of coffee percolator that is capable of brewing 30 cups of coffee in a single batch. This will be perfect for parties or small gatherings in the community.

II. Product Features and Descriptions

The exterior stainless steel silver cover of this coffee percolator is an asset because it gives it a more professional and commercial look. The design also allows the user to move the unit around without any problems since it is very compact without any pretentious design aesthetics. Aside from small companies, there are also small cafes that use this percolator to make tasty and aromatic brewed coffees for their loyal customers. The maximum coffee brewing capacity of this unit is 30 cups per cycle. With the motor installed in this percolator, in as early as 30 minutes, the coffee will be ready. That is because the appliance is able to brew one cup per minute.

Once the West Bend 58030 12-30 Automatic Party Perk is turned on, it will immediately do its job of percolating the coffee inside. The taste of the coffee is still similar to the homemade coffee of the smaller appliance and the aroma is very strong and enticing. As soon as the percolating process is done, the machine automatically shifts to a keep warm setting. This machine is capable of automatically controlling the temperature of the coffee inside to make sure that the people will be able to have a warm cup of coffee every time it is poured out of the equipment. As long as the appliance is plugged to a power source, the keep warm setting will be in effect all the time.

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One of the extra features of the West Bend automatic Party Perk Coffee Percolator is that the faucet actually operates in an upward or downward motion. This means that whether a person pushes the faucet down or pulls it up, coffee will still flow out of the faucet without fail. This mechanism actually prevents the faucet handle from snapping if it was only one way. The faucet, the base and the handles of this machine are all capable of staying cool even if the machine is currently in operation. So if the coffee is being kept warm inside, the handles and the faucet will stay cool to protect anyone who would want to pour a cup of coffee.

To make sure that the water level does not go over the limit, there are interior water markings to tell the consumer that the maximum amount has already been reached. This also ensures that the flavor of the coffee being brewed is at its best. The electric cable is also detachable which makes transporting this machine easier. The coffee filter basket is also very conveniently located in the machine. The user will not have to struggle monitoring the amount of coffee placed. With all the wonderful features that this model can offer to consumers, many businessmen consider the West Bend 58030 Party Perk as one of the best purchases that the company has ever made. Coffee can also be served to everyone during house parties or breakfast gatherings.