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West Bend 33600 100 Cup Commercial Review

West Bend 33600 Commercial Coffee PercolatorCoffee is one of those essential consumables that every office in the country must provide for their employees. But coffee vendo machines can be very pricey and they take too much space in the office too. The people from West Bend have thought of this dilemma so they have introduced West Bend 33600 100-Cup Commercial Coffee Urn.

From the name of this appliance itself, people will already have an idea that it is capable of making up to a hundred cups of coffee per cycle. This means if each employee gets one cup each, 100 employees will be able to drink their coffee. Aside from offices, this percolator can definitely make enough coffee for family gatherings, church events and even cafes.

West Bend 33600 Features

When it comes to the design, many people will not automatically identify this coffee urn as something that is capable of percolating coffee because it basically looks like a stainless steel canister. But in reality, it is a very powerful appliance that can be used in multiple occasions and in any venue where a large number of people like to drink coffee. The stainless steel mirror finish exterior makes it very simple and elegant. It is also easy to clean since the exterior can be wiped off of any coffee droplets. A lot of office personnel who has a West Bend 33600 Coffee Urn in their building floor will definitely recommend this appliance.

The price of this percolator is quite affordable considering the amount of coffee cups that it can brew in just a single cycle. In just over a hundred dollars, offices or churches can now serve warm cups of coffee to their constituents anytime of the day. Consumers may think that due to the number of cups to be percolated, it may take very long before the coffee will be ready. But because of the very powerful motor of this machine, the coffee will be ready in just a short while. It is capable of brewing one cup per minute. So if the user decides to max out the coffee urn at 100 cups, then it will take 100 minutes for the coffee to be available.

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In the office setting, employers do not expect for all employees to line up all at the same time to get their coffee once it is available. The employees will get their cup of coffee at varying times. That is why the manufacturers at West Bend have included an automatic keep warm setting to the West Bend 100-Cup Commercial Coffee Urn. This means that as soon as the brewing and percolating process is over, the machine will make sure that the coffee inside the container will remain hot so that every time someone decides to pour a cup of coffee, they will be able to enjoy it warm. The warm setting can go on for the whole duration of the office hours and employees can grab a warm cup every time they would want one.

To prevent overflowing of the boiling water inside, this machine is built with a coffee level gauge that will tell the user that the water is enough to make a hundred cups of coffee. There is also a ready indicator light which will tell the employees that the coffee is now ready to be served. There is also a faucet that will not drip. The handles of the West Bend 33600 100-Cup Coffee Urn are also stay- cool handles which means it can be moved around the office or the venue even if the coffee inside is warm. The base also has stay-cool features which protects the tables of the office or the commercial establishment.