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Presto 02822 6 Cup Stainless steel Coffee Review

Presto 02822 6 Cup Stainless steel Coffee PercolatorI. Product Description

The consumer market for coffee percolators has already increased through the years. This may be due to the increasing price of commercial coffee. People now want to make their own coffee at home. Many companies like Presto have responded to the increase in the demand.

The Presto 02822 Coffee Percolator is an addition to the coffee percolators available in the market today. With a lot of interesting and useful features that the manufacturers have added, this kitchen appliance is surely a must have in the house.

II. Product Features and Descriptions

This electric coffee percolator sports a very elegant and shiny exterior made of high grade stainless steel. This will make it very easy to clean and wash. Without any problem, the user can easily wipe any kind of coffee stains found on the body of this unit. The motor of this percolator runs at a whopping 500 watts which means the family will be able to enjoy fresh and homemade brewed coffee without having to wait for a very long time. The Presto 6-Cup Stainless Steel Percolator is also capable of brewing a maximum of 6 cups of coffee per batch.

This amount is perfect for a medium sized family where everybody drinks coffee. If there are kids, then users can surely grab a second cup for an extra boost of energy. One of the additional features that the manufacturers have included in this unit is the keep warm feature. With the help of this added benefit, the coffee can be made ahead of time and even if it has been minutes past the end of the brewing process, the coffee will still be hot when served.

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Many consumers love the percolating sound that goes on while the coffee is brewing. The presence of the sound actually ensures the effectivity of the circulation of the hot water inside the percolator. This process of complete circulation can lead to a better rounded flavor and it can definitely contribute to the powerful aroma that the coffee has. The Presto 02822 6-Cup Coffee Percolator is also equipped with a handle that stays cool to the touch even if the appliance is plugged in and the water inside is boiling.

This allows the user to pour and serve coffee to the family without getting hurt or getting burned. Another wonderful feature of this kitchen appliance is the ability of the electric cord to be detached from the main unit. The detachability makes it easy for storage without the messy wires rolled around the body of the unit. It also makes serving the coffee very easy since the unit can be brought to other places far from the electric outlet.

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There is a ready-to-serve indicator light that lights up when the coffee is finished brewing. Although there is a keep warm setting, the indicator light actually helps reduce the electric consumption of the household since the unit can be unplugged once the process is over. With the help of the indicator light, consumers are also sure that the coffee is already perfect to drink and that the taste has already fully developed after the whole process. It also features a dip- free spout which prevents any mess when serving the coffee to the table. The Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator is also quite light since it only weighs 2.6 pounds without any content. This makes it easier to carry around and pouring the coffee into the glasses will not be so much of an effort. This is one of those models that the safety features are definitely a plus to the consumers.