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Percolator Coffee Pot: 3 Important Features

Drinking a warm cup of coffee every morning has always been a normal part of the lives of the working population. But even those people who just stay at home also enjoy coffee any time of the day. Coffee definitely has a special effect to the body that people cannot get enough of. Unfortunately, finding the best cup of tasty and aromatic coffee might be a little tricky.

Percolator Coffee PotsCoffee shops all over the country offer commercialized flavors and they can be quite expensive too. That is why people now buy different types of coffee machines for their homes. One of these machines that have been used for a long time now is the coffee percolator. But before buying a percolator coffee pot, there are different things that a consumer must take not of.

1. Type

Choosing the type of coffee percolator is very important since the types vary according to how the consumer plans to operate it. First, there is a stove top coffee percolator. This is the same type used by many people in the past but new versions offer a more sophisticated design. Stove top coffee percolators actually make use of live heat to brew the coffee which produces wonderful tasting coffee. But this may actually be a disadvantage for some since the correct size of the flame must be enough to prevent over-brewing of the coffee. Another type is the electric percolator coffee pot.

This is one of the most common ones being sold today. The advantage of this type is the convenience. Electric types usually shut off immediately after the coffee has been brewed to prevent having that bitter taste. There are also models wherein the machine immediately switches to ‘keep warm’ mode to keep the coffee’s temperature hot without over-brewing. The third type is the microwave percolator. Although this uses less electricity than the electric type, the results are not very consistent and careful monitoring must be done to achieve great tasting coffee without errors.

2. Design

Of course, the appearance of a kitchen appliance always plays an important role in the process of choosing the correct one for the home. Although different brands offer varying designs when it comes to their coffee pot percolator, consumers must choose a design that is easy on the eye and will look good on the counter. Most models today are actually utilizing stainless steel bodies that have been buffed to appear very shiny. This makes it easier to clean since stainless steel is very convenient to maintain. Choose a design with special functions like a stay cool handle and a sturdy base.

3. Capacity

Buyers should also take note of the amount of coffee that a percolator can make in a single batch. This will save a consumer time when a single batch will already be enough for the family. A coffee pot percolator may be capable of brewing 6 cups, 8 cups or more. There are even percolators that can brew 50 cups of coffee which is perfect for office settings.

When a consumer picks out a model of coffee percolators from a wide variety of choices, it is important to choose something based on personal preference.