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Farberware Coffee Percolator

Buying Guide

The number of coffee percolators available in the market today can be quite overwhelming to shoppers. Consumers are now trying to look for kitchen appliances that will definitely be worth the price. One of the popular brands today for kitchen appliances is Farberware. They have a huge array of kitchen items to choose from and one of their most priced lines is their coffee percolator line.

Farberware Coffee Percolators

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They offer different coffee percolators that have varying capacities. Their basic features are quite similar to one another but some models are built to have more features than the rest. This Farberware percolator buying guide will hopefully assist consumers in their dilemma of which unit of coffee percolator to purchase.

Farberware FCP240 4 Cup Coffee Percolator

Farberware FCP240 Coffee PercolatorThe Farberware FCP 240 percolator is definitely one of the most talked about models of coffee percolators today. This model has a minimum capacity of 2 cups and a maximum capacity of four cups. This is definitely a very handy kitchen appliance due to its size. It is very portable and it is also fairly light in terms of weight. But people should not underestimate this appliance. It may be small but is packed with great features. First of all, consumers will be able to get the benefits of an electric type of percolator. Electric types are always easier to use and it does not need a lot of attention too.

The user can just add the water, coffee and plug the appliance to a power supply to start the percolating process. This Farberware electric percolator may be small but it still houses a motor that is capable of producing 1000 watts of electricity when functioning. With this amount of power, the users will surely be able to enjoy warm and very aromatic coffee in no time. Because the maximum capacity is just 4, this unit will not be suitable for larger families. This unit also houses a stainless steel finish. This will allow anyone to clean the surface just by simply wiping it off the percolator. To add to its portability, the Farberware FCP 240 has a cord that can be detached for convenient storage.

Farberware FCP280 8 Cup Coffee Percolator

Farberware FCP280 Coffee PercolatorAnother model from Farberware is its 8- cup capacity percolator. This model was made in response to the growing sentiments of the consumers that the 4- cup capacity is not enough for their family size. With 8 cups of brewed coffee, those who drink coffee in a whole family will easily be given their own warm cup. This fairly priced unit is also an electric percolator which means the user will be able to make percolate coffee even without their constant supervision. The manufacturers have ensured that consumers will not have a hard time manipulating and operating the kitchen appliance

Based on design, this unit together with the other units included in the Farberware line of electronic percolators is definitely a stand out. This Farberware coffee percolator sports a stainless steel finish which almost acts as a mirror due to its extreme shine. The maximum capacity of 8 cups is perfect for most family sizes especially the medium families. This unit also has stay cool handles and base. This will make is easier for the user to transfer the coffee pot from one table to another. The base is also stay cool which helps in the prevention of damaging or cracking the kitchen countertops.

As soon as the percolating process is over, the machine will automatically end the brewing and will switch to the keep warm setting. This makes it very effective since this feature can actually help prevent the coffee from turning too bitter. The keep warm setting also makes the coffee warm every time a consumer pours a cup no matter what time of the day for as long as the appliance is plugged in.

Farberware FCP412 12 Cup Coffee Percolator

Farberware FCP412 Coffee PercolatorThis Farberware electric percolator is definitely worth the second look. This is one of the models from the brand that has sold the most units. One of the reasons why consumers love this is its capacity. The total capacity of this coffee percolator is 12 cups. This is more than enough for the family and a few friends can even enjoy the tasty coffee that the homeowners have made for the morning. This is also suitable for medium sized families since it is not imperative to always brew 12 cups every single time.

The minimum amount of coffee that can be percolated using this unit is 4 cups. Many families purchase this since they can just make 4 cups daily and they can make 12 cups for special occasions. The brewing speed of these Farberware percolators is really impressive. No matter the size or the capacity of the percolator, the motors of these units will be able to brew one cup of coffee in one minute. This is such a great advantage since people will no longer have to wait for long just to enjoy a cup of aromatic and delicious coffee. The stainless steel finish of this unit is also an advantage especially when cleaning up. This Farberware coffee percolator is also automatic.

Farberware coffee Percolator

This means that as soon as the process of percolating the coffee is done, the motor will automatically set a temperature that will not burn the coffee but will keep the coffee at a warm temperature. Aside from that, the handles will not heat up together with the body of the machine. That means users can hold the appliance without hurting themselves. The cord can also be detached from the main unit. This does not only mean that the item can be stored easily but this also gives freedom to the user especially when serving the coffee to the guests.

A Farberware electric percolator definitely has a class of its own. The elegant appearance is coupled with amazing features that makes the Farberware percolators stand out from the rest. These percolators also produce that percolating sound during the entire process which most consumers would really love to hear.