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Electric Percolator Coffee Pots

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Among all the different types of coffee percolators available today, the electric percolator coffee pot is the most popular among consumers. Electric percolators are popular because they offer convenience to the customers. All the user has to do is basically to fill up the container, plug the machine and it will do all of the work. There is also no need to constantly monitor the brewing process unlike stovetop and microwave percolators. There is also lesser to zero chances of over-brewing the coffee because the process is automated and carefully timed. There are numerous brands that offer great electric coffee percolators.

Electric Percolator Coffee Pots

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Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffeemaker

This coffee percolator is fairly priced at just below 50 dollars. It features a shiny stainless steel finish with black accents. Stainless steel has always been known to be very easy to clean. All the user has to do is to wipe off any dirty spots and stains off the surface and it is good to go. The black accents are not only for design variations but they also have very important functions. The black material of the base, the handle and the cover holder is actually designed to keep cool even if the equipment is plugged in and operating.

That means the machine can be carried in its handle without burning the hands. The stay cool base also makes it perfect to be placed on top of kitchen countertops without having to think about cracking the marble or the granite. Its maximum capacity is 12 cups but it can make 4 cups too. This is perfect for small to medium sized families. This electric percolator is also equipped with a signal light that informs the user that the brewing process is over and that the coffee is now ready to be served.

Farberware Millennium Best Brew Percolator 2-4 Cup Electric Coffee Pot

Farberware has a line of coffee percolators that offer wonderful features to their clients. One of them is the Millennium Best Brew Percolator. This unit is perfect for home use of small families. The maximum capacity is only 4 cups which may not be very advantageous to some people but Farberware also has other models that have bigger capacities. But with this small capacity, the coffee is actually percolated very quickly and users do not have to wait for long to enjoy the aroma of good tasting coffee. It also has stay cool handles and base. It is very easy to store and the cord can be detached from its main unit too. This is an electric percolator coffee pot that definitely is worth the price.

West Bend 54159 Classic Stainless Steel 12-Cup Percolator

This coffee percolator also sports a stainless steel finish which looks very elegant and can match any kitchen themes. Its maximum capacity is 12 cups which is ideal for medium to large sized families. This can be used when having breakfast parties at home. But in a typical day where only the husband and the wife may drink, the West Bend 54`59 can also brew just 2 cups of coffee. There is an indicator light for serving and what really makes this electric percolator stand out is the fact that this unit actually creates a percolating sound just like traditional models in the past.