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Delonghi EMK6 Percolator Coffee Maker Review

Delonghi EMK6 Percolator Coffee MakerI. Product Description

The Delonghi EMK6 Moka Espresso Coffee Maker is definitely a kitchen appliance that is worth the second look. If the consumers are looking for a home equipment that is capable of making espresso shots without burning the coffee and still taste like the authentic Italian espresso, then this is the right machine to purchase.

With the feature of affordable price, this item should definitely be added in anyone’s shopping cart. This unit is built with superior ingenuity to assure that the machine is safe to use by the consumers at home or in any other setting such as the office.

II. Product Descriptions and Features

One of the traditional ways to make an authentic Italian espresso is through the use of Moka. The makers from Delonghi had somehow imitated this process and created a machine that is capable of making espresso with this traditional Italian way. With this special feature that this unit can perform, the espresso is guaranteed to be as aromatic and as tasty as those of the authentic Italians. Owners of this coffee maker can now brag that they can save a lot of money since they are able to create their own espresso concoctions right in the comforts of their own kitchens. The Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Coffee Maker is a safe and a more convenient alternative to the traditional Moka.

The consumers who plan to purchase this kitchen appliance need not to worry about the operation because it is very easy and convenient. Of course, there is a user manual that goes with the package but the users do not have to worry about how to make the perfect espresso shot using the Moka since this unit is electric. This means that the machine will do all the work and all the user has to do is fill it up, press a few buttons and wait for the coffee to be done.

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The total capacity of the Delonghi Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Maker is 6 cups. This capacity is perfect for those families of medium size. One of the physical characteristics of this coffee maker is its transparent coffee container. This will actually allow the consumers to witness and carefully monitor the brewing process. The container is very durable even if it is see through.

The container is also super easy to wash and clean which is an added bonus. There is a filter adapter which makes it possible for the user to set the amount of espresso to cater to the approximate number of people who will be drinking the coffee. Aside from that, as soon as the brewing process is finished, the machine will automatically shut off by itself and another setting which is the keep warm function will take over. This actually prevents the coffee from burning and it will ensure that the authenticity of the taste and the aroma are preserved throughout the process.

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Unlike any other types of coffee, espresso can have the tendency to burn. That is exactly the reason why this unit will only allow up to 30 minutes of keep warm setting and it will shut off after that duration too. All of these shut off sequences are part of the two-level safety system that ensures the coffee is at its best flavor when served.

The Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker is definitely a great piece of kitchen equipment. Both the base and the cord can be detachable which makes it for the host to serve the coffee without any hassle. The indicator light also keeps the consumer aware of the current operation that is happening. When it comes to safety, a safety valve is present to protect the user.

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