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Coffee Percolator Buying Guide: Types & Brands

Choosing a coffee percolator can be a confusing task with all the brands and manufacturers out there who offer wonderful products. But before going into those brands, it is important to know the basics about coffee percolators. This coffee percolator buying guide will assist consumers in identifying the essential things that must be considered in purchasing a percolator and the top brands of coffee percolators that are being sold today.

Coffee Percolators

3 Types of Coffee Percolators

The very first thing that buyers need to consider when buying a coffee pot percolator is the type. There are three types of coffee percolators available today namely:

  1. Stovetop Coffee Percolator
  2. Microwave Coffee Percolator
  3. Electric Coffee Percolator

Stovetop Coffee Percolator

Stovetops percolators are those types that would need to be placed on top of a flame in order to brew coffee. Stovetop percolators can give very good taste however there is an increased chance of over boiling the coffee. This could result to a bitter taste. But stovetop types are very handy and they can even be brought during camping trips and can be placed on top of bonfires.

Microwave Coffee Percolator

Microwave percolators are not so commonly used but they are actually the most energy efficient among the three types. Unfortunately, many people complain about the taste of the coffee produced by the microwave type. There also may be spilling while percolating the coffee.

Electric Coffee Percolator

The electric percolators are very commonly used today and they are also the type that most people buy today. Because of its convenience and ease of use, a lot of homeowners tend to get attracted to the automatic features that most electric percolators offer. These percolators are simply plugged into an electric supply and the coffee will start brewing. Users can do whatever they want without having the need to monitor the percolating process every now and then. Because the process is timed, there are little chances of over brewing and over boiling. Spilling is also lessened. It creates great tasting and aromatic coffee every time and its consistency among different batches is often praised by consumers. The downside of electric percolators is the fact that it would have to be plugged all the time to continue the brewing process. This would use the most energy among the three types.

This coffee percolator buying guide shall also reiterate the importance of choosing the right capacity. Different models offer varying amounts of coffee that can be brewed at a single time. There are those that can percolate 6 cups while there are also large percolators that can be able to work with 100 cups of coffee. Consumers must pick a capacity based on their usage. If it is a home setting then a percolator capacity for the family should be chosen. Offices can pick the larger ones to save time and electricity.

Popular Brands & Coffee Percolators

West Bend Coffee Percolators

One of the popular brands that manufacturer a lot of high quality kitchen appliances is West Bend. They have this great coffee percolator that can be used in both the home and the office setting. The West Bend 12-30 Cup Coffee Urn 58030 is such a good looking equipment. Thanks to the aluminum shiny finish, this can easily be left on top of countertops at home or on top of the pantry table in the office.

The capacity of at least 12 cups and a maximum of 30 cups are great for house parties or a typical day at the office for small businesses. But the polished aluminum surface is not just for design purposes, it was also created for the equipment to be easily cleaned. Users can wipe it off easily. It is also an electric percolator which promises convenience and automatism.

Many small business owners consider this as the best coffee percolator in an office setting. Its capacity is enough to make coffee for the entire floor and it also has an automatic temperature control setting. This is a very good feature since employees will be able to enjoy a warm cup of coffee even in the afternoon.

This model also has great features like stay coo, handles which makes it easier to carry around from one place to another, a twist cover to prevent spills and a two-way faucet to prevent breakage. There are markings inside the percolator to indicate the user the amount of water needed to make the number of cups. With all these features, this coffee percolator is very affordable too.

Medelco PK008 Coffee Percolators

Another model is Medelco PK008 8- cup Glass Stove Percolator. This is a pretty straight forward percolator and is more geared towards home use. The capacity of 8 cups is perfect for families. Instead of using metal like aluminum or stainless steel, the body of the Medelco PK008 is actually glass which allows the consumer to see the process of brewing from the outside.

The glass does not break even if subjected to high heat. It is made of Borosilicate glass which makes it among the best coffee percolator designs today. The container is a hundred percent dishwasher safe which is a huge advantage for home use.

Its handle is made of phenolic plastic that makes it very safe to carry around even if the coffee inside is very hot. Many coffee lovers will definitely find this model very promising and the price is very inviting too.

Cuisinart Coffee Percolators

Cuisinart is another excellent brand of kitchen appliances that most people recognize. The Cuisinart PRC Classic 12- Cup Percolator may look like it is just a typical coffee percolator, but it is packed with great features that make it stand out. The design of this unit is very chic with a polished stainless steel finish.

The handles are also made to stay cool even during the brewing process. The base is very sturdy and it is also an electric percolator that affords convenience and ease to the consumers. Because the design is similar to traditional percolators in the past, this unit makes that percolating sound too.

The knob is transparent which allows the user to look from the top and see the process. For easy storage, the cord can be detached. This unit is quite pricey compared to the other units but it is definitely worth checking out. Many homeowners say that this unit was the best coffee percolator they ever had.

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